Fred Unrath

After 20 years of practical experience in the development and impact of technologies for improving blood circulation in the minutest vessels, the decision has been made to create the "STARTUP" IMIN. Professors from a wide variety of fields, the manufacturers of therapeutic and measuring devices are in favor of creating the necessary common neutral platform for "MICROCIRCULATION" on an international scale. I thank you for the trust placed in me and I will devote myself to this challenging task to the best of my ability.

Even the longest journey begins with a single step. (Laotse)

In this spirit, I look forward to the support of doctors and scientists - Become a member and build this cathedral of health together with us.

 Eitel Vida

- Marketing, sales and strategy consultant

- Well-founded commercial and economic education and certified pharmaceutical representative

- 17 years of experience "at the front line" and in leading positions of trade, pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical wholesale in Germany and abroad

- 11-year experience as strategy and marketing specialist of the F. A. Z.

- 25 years as honorary Executive Director of the IPO - International Prevention Organization

You find further information about Mr. Vida on the web page of the IPO.


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