O2C (oxygen to see)

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    Perfusion of Tissue

    Capillary-Venous Oxygen Saturation

    Blood Filling of Microvessels

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    - a diagnostic device for non-invasive determination of oxygen supply in microcirculation of blood perfused tissues


    The optical sensor is easy to handle and guarantees reproducible examinations of local oxygen supply of tissues in clinics as well as in research. The examinations are without any strain for your patient.

    Scientific reports can be found under the following link on our website!

    Also interesting but only in German: RBB Mediathek




Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging

Laser Speckle Contrast Analysis (LASCA) is a method that visualizes tissue blood perfusion in the microcirculation instantaneously. It is an imaging technique that combines high resolution and speed.




CytoCam-IDF imaging device (CytoCam) for video microscopy