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Microcirculation: a health subject

A high-quality and targeted expert conference on the subject of "Physical Medicine and Microcirculation: Between Tradition and High-Tech Medicine" took place in the wonderful surroundings of the 5-star Hotel Spirit "Medic" Hotel in Bad Sárvár in western Hungary on February 15, 2017.

The complex background of the indication "microcirculation" and "disturbances of the microcirculatory system" today is caught to a high degree in an area that interferes in almost all areas of the organism.

This area of conflict demands the necessity to seriously structure this highly complex subject medically and to define relevant therapy guidelines in the form of a curriculum taking the future sustainability of independently competent and interdisciplinary personalities in university and conventional medicine into consideration.

The high-ranking event was planned and coordinated by well-known professional societies. These included the "DGPMR German Society on Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine ", "IMIN International Microvascular Net", "German Vein League", "Capio German Clinic GmbH" as well as the "IPO International Prevention Organization".

The conference chair, Professor Uwe Lange, MD (president of the DGPMR) opened the expert conference in which "microcirculation" was examined from all sides by top-level speakers.

The participants, selected from many important institutions, were highly interested and posed numerous questions following the presentations. As moderator, E. J. Vida (Executive Director of IPO - International Prevention Organization) led the forum effortlessly through the agenda.

The overriding goal of the event was the development of therapy guidelines in the form of curricula that also shape the indispensable basis for the necessary dialogue with the Ethic Commission, medical associations and other medical organizations.

Just as important was the establishment of a company-independent "scientific advisory board" as well as that of a competent "economic advisory board" to support goals in politics and society.

The conclusion by meeting chair Professor Lange illustrated in impressing clarity a consistent list of the many necessary facets considered. The equally competent and conclusive list will serve as the action list for the interdisciplinary group of opinion-leaders and will be the object of an internal discussion for the definition of the "Curriculum Process".

The exceptionally competent conference in the outstanding surroundings of the Spirit Hotel was the kick-off event of a seminar series to take place in several European countries.

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