Vita Dr. med. univ. Ralph Burger


Born 2/22/1971 in Munich

1977-1989: Attended the Lycee Francais Jena Renoir in Munich

1989-1999: Studied Human Medicine at Leopold-Franzens University in Innsbruck.

1995-2000: Scientific Assistant at the Institute for Anatomy, with specializations in

                     education, radiological intervention and scientific work on radiological

                     data formats.

1999:           Conferral of Dr. med. univ. title

2000-2001: Internship at LKH Bregenz state hospital

2001-2007: Specialist training for diagnostic and interventional radiology at the

                     Institute for Radiology, LKH Feldkirch state hospital.

2007:           European Specialist Certification in Radiology, Vienna General Hospital

2007-2009: MRT Department Head, Institute for Radiology, LKH Feldkirch state hospital.

2009-2012: Private radiological practice, Triesen/Liechtenstein.

2012-2015: Medical Expert, BEMER Int AG